Susan Rockefeller Takes a Stab at Food Day

Susan Rockefeller Takes a Stab at Food Day

New York City foodies, fashionistas and film critics, your time is now.

On Saturday, October 24, Susan Rockefeller will launch her new jewelry collection, titled Food for Thought, Food For Life, along with a 20-minute educational film in conjunction with Food Day.

The annual movement, which inspires thousands of events across the country, evaluates our food system and encourages happy hour at the salad bar. Thanks to activists like Ms. Rockefeller, Food Day exposes the good, the bad and the ugly eating habits many Americans (myself included) tend to practice.

The film and jewelry collection are meant to promote a more beneficial food system and encourage sustainable agriculture. “Looking at the complexities of what goes on in the world, many people will say it seems overwhelming. But we all eat, and there’s a power in personal choice,” Ms. Rockefeller told the Observer.

The collection, which includes honeycomb bracelets and pitchfork necklaces, is elegant and message-inspired. According to Ms. Rockefeller, “You look and feel best when there’s a certain sense of simplicity. The accessories are simple enough to mix and match for a layered look.”

Like writer Stefanie Sacks, Ms. Rockefeller cheekily asks what the fork you’re eating and whether or not it contributes to your personal health. She hopes the collection will spark important conversations about conscious food consumption and the impact it has on the environment.

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