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“Food for Thought, Food for Life was our first film of the festival and we received nothing but positive comments about it.  The big surprise and “ah-ha” moment was the section about urban farming and the guys who were talking about building gardens in schools and neighborhoods. The solutions presented really excited the audience. Well done on you!”

– Tracy Hindman – Program Manager, Lifetree Film Fest

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Food for Thought, Food for Life - TRAILER from Susan Rockefeller on Vimeo. Food Day Documentary Screening Filmmaker and creative conservationist Susan Rockefeller's Food For Thought, Food for Life will screen at the Exploratorium on Food Day, next Saturday, Oct. 24 (the same day as its general release). The...

Food culture Oct. 24 marks Food Day in the United States. If you want to explore the intersection of farming and environmental conservation, a good place to start is with the short documentary Food for Thought, Food for Life. It illustrates the importance of growing great-tasting...

October 24 is National Food Day, a day designed to inspire Americans to change their diets and to lobby for changes to our food policies. It’s also the day that award-winning director Susan Rockefeller releases her new short documentary Food for Thought, Food for Life,...

America is experiencing a food crisis. Unsustainable farming practices are contributing to global warming. Millions of people are living in so-called food desserts – poor, urban areas without access to healthy, fresh food. Everywhere you go, processed food is readily available and cheap, but eating...

Conservation and sustainability are part of Susan Rockefeller’s DNA. Growing up in a nature-loving household, where home-cooked meals made with ingredients sourced from the local farmers’ market were a part of daily life, she was instilled with certain values about food from an early age....

NEW YORK—Mermaids have captivated her imagination since she was a child. Part human and part fish, the mermaid bridges two worlds. Laid back and fully comfortable in her own skin, Susan Cohn Rockefeller spoke with a relaxed cadence that would easily conjure memories of the...

I had the privilege of screening the short but profound film Food For Thought, Food for Life. Directed by Susan Rockefeller, the movie examines the global impact of current farming practices, future challenges facing agriculture, and inspiring grassroots movements that offer innovative solutions within various...