Celebrate Food Day By Watching Susan Rockefeller’s Must-See Documentary

Celebrate Food Day By Watching Susan Rockefeller’s Must-See Documentary

Happy Food Day! Today, thousands of events are being held around the country to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies. This year, Food Day is partnering with award-winning filmmaker, designer and philanthropist Susan Rockefeller, whose new documentary, Food For Thought, Food For Life, releases nationwide today.

The mission of the 20-minute film – which was an official selection at the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2015 and at the 2015 Sarasota Film Festival – is to start a conversation about our food system and the impact our daily choices have on our bodies and our ecosystem.

“I want people to deepen their relationships with food,” Rockefeller told ediblefeast.com. “The things we put on our plate have their own histories, and understanding where ingredients come from is essential. When people start thinking about how food is grown and the connection between healthy soil, healthy food, and our own health, they are empowered to make good choices for themselves and the planet.”

The film introduces us to farmers, chefs, educators and advocates working to improve our food system. When farmers breed for flavor rather than quantity, we benefit from food that not only tastes better but is better for us and our soil. The film also offers a host of ways we can make a difference as individuals.

“As Michael Pollen says, you vote with your fork three times a day,” Rockefeller said. “Choosing fresh and local products is beneficial to the global and local communities. Educate yourself on what you put on your plate, and understand that any small change can add up to big results. Incorporating only a few adjustments into your routine makes a difference for your health, the community, and the planet.”

Watch Food for Thought, Food for Life for free on the film’s official website. Rockefeller released the film for free online to make it easy to share among friends and host screenings at schools, libraries and community centers. Download a screening toolkit here. Join the conversation about the film on Facebook and use #foodforthoughtfilm on Twitter. Visit Food Day’s website to find an event near you today.